Saturday July 8th, 2023

#oly S#it, we nailed it! As we come down from this years 9inth season of the Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest – a heart-felt thank you to all those who participated, demon straighted, the volun-told’s, the volunteers and all the Junkies who showed up. A special thank you to Goldie who really stepped up behind the scenes and who should be recognized. I’m soo honoured, grateful and blessed.

Jack Forsberg H.P.W.T.


Take a look at yourselves, you marvellous people! I hope you all had fun, I know we did!


Please help me support the many demon straight ores that took their time, energy and talents to showcase this years GCRJF

Check out this years Demon Straight Ore’s, and give them a follow, show them the love you clearly have for #COOLSHIT.


Linda Manzer


Linda is our special guest speaker and creator of the Ukrainian sunflower guitar project.


Jack Forsberg


Jack will be demonstrating throughout the day capping off with a surprise ending.


Andrew Ren


‘Kezurou-kai’ is a Japanese sport/competition demonstrating traditional Japanese hand tools.


Matt Hirtle

Furniture – Odie’s Oil

Showcasing the beauty, durability and versatility of Odie’s Oil finishing system.


Peter Verbree


Peter has the keys to all Jack’s equipment, you just have to ask him to take you for a ride.


Jacques Gallant


Demonstrating how to repair the tin lining on old copper cooking pots, pans and kettles.




Demonstrating the shaper Origin which replaces making jigs to accomplish small shop tasks.


Tim Harold

Twig Studio Kids

Demonstrating the design & build of Waldorf inspired wooden dollhouses and toys for kids.


Nick Verbree


Resident Blacksmith at the Wadkin Temple with be smithing up all sorts of hot molten metal.


Terry Cash


Terry and Nick are teaming up to help showcase a contingency of fellow blacksmiths on site.



Rust Junkie

Without you, there’s no rust for the wicked!

Demos and Seminars

1pm to 5pm

9:00   Rusty Relic Swap Meet begins
12:00 The first hotdog hits the BBQ
1:00   Welcoming Words of Wisdom from the High Priest
1:30   Day Long Presentations Begin:
We’re in the catacombs sorting this out.. stay tuned for more to come.

5:00   Raffle and Dinner instructions
5:30   Free BBQ Dinner
6:30   Closing Remarks
7:00   Rust and Relax around the Fire Pit

BBQ Dinner

5pm to 7pm

The free BBQ starts at 5pm but we will have drinks, chips and  hotdogs on the BBQ all day to sustain you through the seminars, vendor stalls, fellow Junkie tool exchange and live demos.  Bring your spouse and friends and a pup chair for a full day of fun.

Tent City

7pm onwards

You are most welcome to pitch a tent on the Forsberg property and stay the night but please register to reserve a spot.  A bonfire will be lit after dinner and hard core Junkies will unwind and kick back until the fire goes out.

Live Music

and onwards

Forsberg has asked all those whom have been blessed with an acoustic instrument to come in tow for some ad-lib jams. Those of you that have been blessed with hearing impairment have been asked to take front row!

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The Map

6220 Old Richmond Rd

Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0


Jack demonstrates the 1942 Wadkin RM 26″ over under true pattern maker planer.

One of the highlights at the GCRJF was unveiled.

The Wadkin Temple

Take a tour of the Wadkin Temple for yourself. Be careful, some have been known to become part of the clergy and have the titles to prove it 🙂


“I love hearing from you!” JF

Not many people get to experience having their renovation or restoration dreams come true let alone designed and built by FORSBERG at the helm.

Jack loves hearing from people like you! Have you got a project that needs a Craftsman’s attention or have you lost trust with the poor quality of the big box stores? Or maybe you already know that quality workmanship and material are simply better and you’re looking to just get it done. Either way, drop Jack a message here and start a new conversation.

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