Saturday July 9th, 2022

I want to thank all those who helped Rusturrect the Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest – a day filled with absolutely cool sh*! and cool folks!


Highlights from GCRJF • 2022 •

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When: July 9th, 2022

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We've got it covered!

Rain or Shine (we got our fingers crossed for Shine) we’ve got it covered. Don’t let that hold you back from getting your fix at The Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest. We’ve got all sorts of cool *!%@ happening. Don’t Miss IT!

Limited edition GCRJF

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The GCRJF doesn’t run itself, as it may appear, without the help of our tireless volunteers and the support of the community. As you know, the Event is FREE and it will stay that way, but we do accept donations to help recoup the cost of operations. Any amount is more than appreciated and we hope you feel like supporting the GCRJF with your attendance and a donation.
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With the 7th event under our belts, this year’s edition is sure to be bigger and better than ever!

We will be posting all of the event details here as they become available. Clearly you’re not the only one into this cool S#!T!

Saturday July 9th

Demos and Seminars

1pm to 5pm

9:00   Rusty Relic Swap Meet begins
12:00 The first hotdog hits the BBQ
1:00   Welcoming Words of Wisdom from the High Priest
1:30   Day Long Presentations Begin:
  We’re in the catacombs sorting this out.. stay tuned for more to come.

5:00   Raffle and Dinner instructions
5:30   Free BBQ Dinner (sponsored by the OWA)
6:30   Closing Remarks
7:00   Rust and Relax around the Fire Pit

BBQ Dinner

5pm to 7pm

The free (thanks to the Ottawa Woodworkers Association), pot luck BBQ starts at 5pm but we will have drinks, chips and  hotdogs on the BBQ all day to sustain you through the seminars, vendor stalls, fellow Junkie tool exchange and live demos.  Bring your spouse and friends for a full day of fun.


Tent City

7pm onwards

You are most welcome to pitch a tent on the Forsberg property and stay the night but please register to reserve a spot.  A bonfire will be lit after dinner and hard core Junkies will unwind and kick back until the fire goes out.

Live Music

and onwards

Forsberg has asked all those whom have been blessed with an acoustic instrument to come in tow for some ad-lib jams. Those of you that have been blessed with hearing impairment have been asked to take front row!

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The Map

6220 Old Richmond Rd

Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0

Highlights from GCRJF

Jack demonstrates the 1942 Wadkin RM 26″ over under true pattern maker planer.

One of the highlights at the GCRJF was unveiled.

The Wadkin Temple

Take a tour of the Wadkin Temple for yourself. Be careful, some have been known to become part of the clergy and have the titles to prove it 🙂


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The Map

6220 Old Richmond Rd

Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0

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